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“Jazz à la Petite France” is a music discovery festival, promoting women, young artists and new bands who are inspired by the spontaneity and freedom of jazz.

The festival explores the changing times we live in, the place of women and artists in our society, the necessity of ecological transition, and new economic models.

Festival admissions are on a pay-what-you-want basis, so come and join us!

See you on July 12-14, 2024 for the 4th edition!



For its third edition, Jazz à la Petite France fully opens to Europe and presents some of the hidden talents that our continent conceals. And what treasures! With 14 nationalities and 10 countries represented, you will have the opportunity to discover young artists with multiple influences, enriched from their travels and migrations, all bearers of promise, hope and new horizons.

With 45% of women on stage (more than three times the national average in our field), we continue to promote greater gender equality in the music sector. During this year's edition of the festival, and for the first time, we will organise European professional seminars addressing this topic, so that this trend pursues, is structured and extends on a European scale.

In these times of successive crises and ongoing emergencies, hope is essential to look forward to a desirable future and regain a little carefreeness and lightness, like a dragonfly in summer.




Séverine Cappiello


friday, July 14

saturday, July 15

sunday, July 16

Rencontres pro

Professional seminars for gender equality
in the music sector in Europe

During 3 days, music sector professionals, people active in the music sector, institutional employees, elected officials and politicians, from all aesthetical genres, fields, and occupations, are invited to outline and analyze the situation and the stakes involved at the European level and to define objectives, projects, and means of joint action among possible European partners.

Project winner of MusicAire and co-funded by the European Union.

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